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Since 2008 Tribe MayaFire has hosted and participated in annual fundraising events for WelNepal. Past events include Halloween Spooky Souks at BellyUp, silent auctions, and our 2010 Gala with special guest Carolena Nericcio of FCBD®.

WelNepal is a charitable organization established in 2005 to fund women's literacy classes for the villages in the Chitwan area of Nepal. The "Basic Literacy Class" is an eight-month course taught by women from the community where 20 to 30 women of all ages from one village learn to read and write in their own language. After completing the basic literacy course there is a six month "Advanced Literacy Class."

After becoming literate, the educational process continues with the formation of development groups, where the women learn to discuss issues, make decisions, and elect officers. These groups form microbanks, from which, in time, they can borrow money at reasonable rates instead of borrowing from a moneylender at exorbitant rates. The development groups and microbanks constitute a support system to help women who have financial, personal, or family problems. The women's self-esteem grows along with their literacy, education, and organization.

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